Autoglym Professional Tar & Adhesive Remover 5L

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Powerful solvent for the removal of tar and adhesives from all interior and exterior surfaces.
Also available in 20L here.


Autoglym Tar & Adhesive Remover is designed to remove most types of adhesive used by the Motor Industry in fitting vinyl and rubber body trim.  Makes light work of removing tar, wax and grease. 

Tar spots are unsightly and stain certain paint finishes. Autoglym Tar & Adhesive instantly dissolves tar on paintwork and plastics, enabling it to be wiped off, or washed away during a routine shampoo.

Use to remove oil, grease, silicones, wax, gum, resinous tree sap, fuel stains and adhesive residues.

Autoglym Tar & Adhesive remover can also be used on rubber, synthetic carpets and upholstery to remove oil-based stains.


  • Removes tar and contact adhesives
  • Safe to use on all interior and exterior surfaces
  • Easy sprayable application


  • Makes vehicle cleaning easier by removing stubborn tar and adhesives
  • Ensures a clean, flawless finish to increase customer satisfaction
  • Acts quickly on problems such as chewing gum, saving time and effort
  • No risk of damage to vehicle surfaces

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

Usage Instructions

  1. Shake well. Test on an inconspicuous area before use.
  2. Apply to the affected area using a trigger spray (for paintwork) or cloth (for interiors).
  3. Leave for up to 5 minutes. For interior use, agitate the surface to break down the contaminant.
  4. Wipe with the Autoglym Microfibre Cloth or the Autoglym Chamois. For interiors clean with Autoglym Interior Cleaner.

Safety Data Sheet