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Bilt Hamber Touch-LESS

Welcome to the new, 2024 verison of Bilt Hamber Touch-LESS 1 Litre!

Bilt Hamber did it again and refinded one of their best selling pre-wash snow foams by making it even more concentrated.

Touch-LESS is a sugar-based, biodegradable snow foam pre-wash solution that has captured the market like no other product.

A breakthrough chemical discovery, resulting in a significant enhancement of Touch-LESS. Its strength has been boosted by over 100%, effectively doubling the concentration, while simultaneously improving its performance and reducing the pH from approximately 12 to around 10.5 in its pure form.

As a result, Touch-LESS enables users to achieve unparalleled cleaning efficacy with just half the usual amount of product compared to any other snow foam or pre-wash solution available.

Experience the superior cleaning power of Touch-LESS today.

How to calculate the dilution ratio for Bilt Hamber Touch-LESS?

Bilt Hamber suggests utilising their Panel Impact Ratio (PIR) system to determine the precise amount of TOUCH-LESS needed for optimal results. This system operates on percentages, ranging from 0.5% for regular maintenance to up to 2% for heavily soiled vehicles.

The objective is to calculate the actual flow rate of your power washer in real-world conditions. This process only needs to be completed once.

Here are the steps:

For Snow Foam Lances

  1. Fill the reservoir up to capacity with plain water.
  2. Turn the dilution knob to maximum ("thickest" foam).
  3. Discharge the lance into a bucket, watching the reservoir until empty.
  4. When the reservoir is empty, stop.
  5. Now you'll need a measuring jug or a scale and figure out how much water is in your bucket
  6. For 2% dilution (very dirty vehicles), measure the amount of water in your bucket and multiply this number by 0.02. For example, if the total amount of water used is 10000ml (10L), you would need 200ml of Touch-LESS.
  7. For maintenance washes, multiply the total amount of water used by 0.005. 10000ml takes you to 50ml of Touch-LESS.
  8. Re-fill the reservoir with water and the correct amount of Touch-LESS and shake your foam gun a few times.
  9. Apply Touch-Less to your vehicle

For Trigger and Pump Sprayers

Foam generation isn't crucial for Touch-LESS to be effective, making it suitable for use in non-foaming devices like an IK sprayer or similar alternatives.

To prepare, simply adjust the capacity of your sprayer's reservoir by adding 0.005 to 0.02 times the amount of Touch-LESS.

For instance, if using a 1 litre sprayer on a heavily soiled vehicle, add 20ml of Touch-LESS to 980ml of water and shake the sprayer for a few moments to ensure proper mixing before spraying.

Allow the solution to soak on the surface for 1 to 5 minutes, making sure not to let it dry. For optimal results, it's recommended to remove as much contamination as possible by pressure-washing off the solution.

We stock a multitude of sprayers and foamers here and we recommend IK sprayers for this sort of task.


  • It's not necessary to use all of your mixture in one wash. One litre of diluted Touch-LESS can last up to 4-5 washes - depending on vehicle size!
  • Apply to cool panels, ideally in shaded conditions.
  • Do not allow to dry.
  • Ensure lances and spray bottles/triggers are kept clean.
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Hi Brian, Touch-LESS will be available in 5L again very soon. We are just waiting for Bilt Hamber to finish production.

Hello is the 1ltr the only option of the touchless foam going forward?
Bilt Hamber Touch-LESS

Brian O'Leary

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