Bilt Hamber Trace-Less Super Wetting Glass Cleaner. Bilt Hamber Ireland

Bilt Hamber Trace-Less Super Wetting Glass Cleaner

Bilt Hamber Trace-less glass cleaner. Best glass cleaner. Bilt Hamber Ireland

After experiencing the Bilt-Hamber TRACE-LESS Glass Cleaner, I am genuinely impressed by its cutting-edge technology and inventive approach to glass cleaning. Unlike conventional glass cleaners that often result in residues, streaks, and smudges, Bilt-Hamber has introduced a product employing unique super-wetting, 100% evaporating surfactants. These distinct surfactants guarantee a trace-less finish, eradicating persistent streaks and smudges that can diminish the clarity of glass surfaces.

One noteworthy aspect of TRACE-LESS is its immediate wetting action on glass surfaces. Unlike rival products prone to rapid runoff on vertical surfaces, this cleaner ensures consistent application with minimal product spillage. The potent non-abrasive surfactants effectively combat both greasy and dry particulate dirt, outperforming other market offerings.

What distinguishes TRACE-LESS is its compatibility with delicate materials like aluminum and its capacity to clean without compromising quality glass sealants or rain repellents. The absence of a hydrophobic coating makes it suitable for tinted glass, mirrors, spectacles, and hard glazed surfaces.

Application is straightforward; for exterior glass, a fine mist is sprayed and wiped off while still wet, using a lint-free cloth. For optimal smear-free results, a second application can be buffed dry with a suede microfibre cloth. The product is versatile, suitable for interior and exterior glass, acrylic, infotainment screens, and more.

For interior glass and screens, the spray can be applied to a microfibre cloth to prevent overspray. The two-step process involving a waffle weave microfibre cloth followed by a suede microfibre cloth ensures a high-quality finish.

It's important to note that TRACE-LESS should be used on cool surfaces, away from direct sunlight. For stubborn residues or marks, a preliminary step with a high-quality glass polish is recommended.

In conclusion, Bilt-Hamber TRACE-LESS Glass Cleaner emerges as a revolutionary solution in the realm of glass cleaning. Its advanced formula, coupled with user-friendly application instructions, positions it as a top choice for effective and residue-free glass cleaning. I highly recommend this product for both automotive and household glass cleaning needs.

Watch Bilt Hamber’s video with much more in-depth information here

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