Car Maniac Glossary

Car Maniac Glossary

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Maniac Line by MA-FRA, Labocosmetica's parent company, is the line of high performance and technological content products for true car care enthusiasts, those who are not satisfied with a traditional product line.
It could be defined as an extension, a spin-off, the "capsule collection" of MA-FRA.

For those people who consider this activity more than a simple hobby, but one of the most fulfilling passions in life.

Car maniacs use a particular terminology to define everything that revolves around taking care of their own. Let’s find out what they are!

AIO All In One
“All in One” products, mostly polishing compounds, that can be used for a multitude of tasks.

APC (All Purpose Cleaner)
Universal cleaners for most surface inside and outside vehicles

A phenomenon that leads to the formation of perfectly circular water droplets on the body panels when the car is wet. This effect can be seen in cars protected with waxes or sealants or coatings, and is an indication of the good seal of the protection.

Superfinishing with a cloth when the vehicle is practically clean. Mostly used in conjunction with polishes, waxes, other sealants or dressings

Clay Bar
Clay bar to be used on the bodywork to eliminate contaminants nested in the pores of the paint (ferrous particles, encrustations, paint fumes, tar, etc.)

Clay Lube
Liquid to be used as a lubricant to facilitate the sliding of the clay bar and avoid marking the bodywork.

A combination of different products or application techniques

They are a family of more abrasive polishes that are used for neglected vehicles or for cleaning machines panels that have undergone sanding.

Indicates the bodywork compounding process, in which the various defects (swirls, scratches) are corrected (eliminated or reduced until they are not very visible). Usually this is done with electric tools or compressed air.

Dual Action Polisher

Series of operations to prepare the bodywork for polishing or waxing. It includes the use of clay bars and chemicals to remove residues of tar, resin or ferrous particles.

The art of cleaning and polishing cars, brought to the highest levels of perfection, in order to obtain a competitive result.

Product to be applied on unpainted or interior plastics, to protect them from dirt, UV rays and to give them a better appearance.

These are nanotechnological products that act at a molecular level on the substrate to be protected, making surfaces more resistant to external contamination and allowing for extreme ease of cleaning. The treated surfaces become repellent to water and dirt, resistant to frost and high temperatures.

Halos that can be seen especially on dark or bright colors, once the car is brought to sunlight. They are due to incorrect or hasty polishing. They can only be removed by properly polishing.

Applicator usually circular in shape, made of sponge or microfiber for the application of compounds, polishes, waxes and sealants.

Quick Detailer
Quick cleaner for the bodywork, to remove light dirt or finish drying after washing. Can be used as a clay lube.

(Random Isolated Deeper Scratch) Linear scratches deeper than swirls. They are literally engravings in the paint and can be of varying depths. Depending on the severity of the damage, they can be totally or partially eliminated using compound and polishes.

Rotary Action Polisher

product similar to wax but with a synthetic base. Usually it guarantees a longer duration than a natural wax.

The ability of water droplets to slide on the bodywork, an indication of the good quality of the protective product.

Circular scratches that form on the bodywork due to rubbing of cloths, sponges, etc. They are superficial marks that can be removed with polishing.

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