What's what? Pure Shampoo, Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner & UHD Shampoo

What's what? Pure Shampoo, Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner & UHD Shampoo

Autoglym Shampoo

Autoglym is offering 3 different shampoos that not only differ in price but offer some unique selling points.

So, what’s what and why are there 3 different Autoglym shampoos?

Before we start off, it's important to note that all 3 shampoos are pH neutral and wax safe as per MSDS (Safety Data Sheet*).


We start off with Pure Shampoo

 Autoglym Shampoo

 Pure Shampoo is the economical choice with the primary task to strip traffic films and grime.

It is high foaming and, from a thickness perspective, in between the UHD Shampoo and the Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner.

2 caps, 10 ml each, should do for a 10-litre bucket and there is a nice smell with a hint of cherries.


Second in the trio is Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner

Shampoo Conditioner

From a price perspective, the Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is in the middle of the range, is low foaming and leaves a water repellent film behind that helps water sheeting when rinsing off.

It is the “runniest" of the 3 and smells like a typical car shampoo. Personally, it reminds me of my first car wash on my first car many years ago.

2 caps, 10 ml each, for 10 litres is just the perfect amount to use.


Last but not least, Ultra High Definition Shampoo

UHD Shampoo

Top of the range shampoo that comes in a nice, presentable box.

It's high foaming and bubbles will be visible in the bucket for hours, leaving a very nice high gloss finish when applied.

4 caps, 8 ml each, needed for 10 litres and fills the air with a delightful smell. Not important as such, but it just adds to the overall detailing experience.

It feels very slick in the water, is smooth to the touch and glides across paintwork effortlessly. This added slickness to the paintwork will also aid in future washes by making things easier to help glide off dirt and road grime. Add the perfect touch to Ultra High Definition Wax or Ceramic Coating but works a treat on its own.



The Pure Shampoo will help you achieve a nice finish without bells and whistle. It removes everyday contaminants for a streak-free finish.


Autoglym's Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is the perfect all-rounder and, because of its conditioner, offers perfect water sheeting as the water gets off the bodywork the quickest, helping to dry off the car rapidly.


UHD Shampoo, while the most expensive, is the easiest to apply and high foaming shampoo that leaves a silky smooth and high-gloss finish. Works perfectly with other UHD products such as UHD Wax or UHD Ceramic coating - The Ultra High Definition Shampoo is the Shampoo of choice!

UHD Shampoo with Microfibre

*Safety data sheets Pure shampooBodywork Shampoo ConditionerUltra High Definition Shampoo

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I use all of the above autoglym products
And it does as it says on the bottle..
I’d never use any other brand as none are as superior when it comes to adding that deep shine to your bodywork…or detailing the interior…
Or any other parts of your vehicle or alloys tyres the list is endless right down to your glass and window washer.. excellent 👌 products


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