New Autoglym Colour Changing Wheel Cleaner

New Autoglym Colour Changing Wheel Cleaner

Autoglym’s new colour-change wheel cleaner shifts grime, brake dust and metal particles safely and effortlessly.

  • New Advanced All Wheel Cleaner has a pH-neutral foaming formula, which clings to the wheel for a longer contact period and a more effective clean
  • Active ingredients turn a deep red as they react with metal particles and embedded brake dust, lifting them from the surface so they can be rinsed away
  • Little or no agitation required; safe to be used regularly on all lacquered finishes
  • Ease of use addresses a key pain point for car owners: one third say cleaning wheels is their least favourite part of the car care process
  • 1-litre and 2.5 litre variants available, alongside the all-new Autoglym Easy Sprayer for even quicker and more comprehensive application


Autoglym has launched the all-new Advanced All Wheel Cleaner, a colour-changing wheel cleaning product, which utilises powerful, pH neutral active ingredients to safely and effectively remove ferrous brake debris, embedded dirt and other contaminants from all lacquered wheel types. 

Compared to many established ‘colour bleed’ products, like Autoglym Magma, the new foaming formula clings more effectively to the wheel surface to increase contact time, delivering an effective clean while reducing the need for agitation with cleaning tools. Advanced All Wheel Cleaner contains active ingredients that react with any ingrained metal particles – turning a deep red as they do so – and lifting them away from the wheel surface so they can be easily rinsed away.

A faster colour transformation results in a quicker and more intense clean, while the 
pH-balanced formula is safe to use regularly on nearly all wheels, including lacquered, painted, diamond cut and anodised wheels, as well as plastic wheel trims. 

Autoglym’s new product has been developed to make wheel cleaning a less labour-intensive and less hands-on process, while still delivering excellent results. In a new national survey* commissioned by Autoglym, more than a third of car owners stated that cleaning their wheels was the aspect of the car care process that they enjoyed the least, second only to vacuuming the interior. 

To use Advanced All Wheel Cleaner, simply spray onto a dry wheel, leave to dwell for between two and four minutes, then rinse away. Heavily soiled wheels may require gentle agitation with a wheel brush or sponge. 

The new Advanced All Wheel Cleaner is available in two bottle sizes. The 1-litre spray bottle is ideal for lower-volume applications, while the 2.5L screw-top bottle can be paired with Autoglym’s all-new Easy Sprayer, a refillable, high-volume pressure sprayer for even quicker and more comprehensive applications. 

The new Easy Sprayer comes with a choice of valve inserts for tailored application of different products on exterior surfaces. Made from highly durable materials, it is built to withstand regular use with Autoglym chemicals and is the ideal companion for countless car cleaning processes. 

For a complete car clean process, Advanced All Wheel Cleaner can be used in conjunction with Autoglym’s new Ceramic Wash & Protect, an all-new triple-action ceramic car shampoo that delivers a deep clean, creates a smooth high-gloss shine and leaves a durable water repellent layer of protection.

Autoglym EASY SPRAYER. Like IK sprayer. Autoglym Ireland

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