Top 5 Valeting Hacks

Top 5 Valeting Hacks

Glass and Mirrors

Certain aspects of a car can make a more dramatic difference to its overall visual appeal than others, and a prime example of this is glass. Clean, streak and grease-free glass can make a staggering difference to a car, linking the whole car together and leaving it with a noticeable sheen. Spotless glass and mirrors also make driving far more enjoyable (and indeed safer) pastime.

We have two glass cleaners in our range, Fast Glass as the name suggests offers quick cleaning and Car Glass Polish is for deeper cleaning of stubborn watermarks or grease.

Wheels and Tyres

It doesn’t matter whether you are the person who enjoys splashing out a four-figure sum on a stunning set of aftermarket alloys, or merely keen to keep your OE wheels in tip-top condition.

Freshly cleaned wheels with Magma after seeing the wheel turn purple is an event itself. Dressed tyres with Instant Tyre Dressing can make an immeasurable difference to the overall look of your car.

Perfect wheels, tyres and glass can serve to lift and highlight the car, drawing focus away from less than perfect paintwork. Clean wheels and tyres are like a clean pair of shoes, they’re important for making a good first impression.


Impact Areas

It pays to spend time perfecting the leading and trailing edges of your car, with the former worth devoting extra time and effort to. No matter how carefully you drive and how often you clean your car, insects, tar and road grime will build up on your front bumper, bonnet, grilles, wing mirrors and headlight surrounds. Not only can these build up and detract from the visual appeal of your car, the chemicals and natural acids found within insect bodies can, over time, react with your paint.

Active Insect Remover safely and swiftly breaks down and removes insect remains from paintwork, glass, number plates and lights.



The smallest and simplest changes can often make the biggest impact and rarely has this rung truer than when discussing automotive interiors. A quick, fifteen-minute session spent vacuuming your carpets and interior fabrics can make an enormous difference and will remove all but the most hardened of dirt patches.

We’ve have not only Interior Shampoo available but also Odour Eliminator, both ideal for tougher, more stubborn stains. And for long-lasting freshness, use Autofresh


Exhaust Polishing

Very much the icing on the cake, polishing your exhaust tip is a bit like a shiny exclamation point, drawing attention to the rear of your car and making people aware of all the hard work you’ve put in.

Our well regarded Metal Polish is ideal for this; it will make short work of tar, grime and other imperfections, leaving your tailpipe looking every bit as good as the day it rolled off the line.

Source: Autoglym

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