Which Drying Cloth do I need? Aqua-Dry vs. InstaDry

Which Drying Cloth do I need? Aqua-Dry vs. InstaDry

Many customers are asking what the best drying cloth is and how do Autoglym's AquaDry and InstaDry compare?


Autoglym Aqua Dry

Aqua-Dry was designed to outperform and outlast traditional leather chamois which are expensive and have a limited life span.

It's great to remove water from exterior surfaces but excels at interior cleaning when coupled with an interior cleaner, like Autoglym's Interior Upholstery Shampoo.

It is the ideal tool to remove dirt from fabric, leather and hard surfaces and has an extremely long working life and actually improves with age.

Simply rinse out after use and leave to air dry.

In short: Aqua-Dry is highly versatile, durable and a cost-effective synthetic leather chamois.



Autoglym InstDry

InstaDry is a rapid drying, easy to wring out PVA impregnated cloth.

It is ultra-absorbent and removes water from surfaces instantly, leaving a streak-free finish on paintwork, wheels, hard lacquered surfaces and glass.

The unique PVA coating prevents bacteria build-up and ensures the cloth will remain in a fresh condition during use.

This PVA coating also makes the InstaDry Autoglym's most cost-effective drying cloth.

Can be washed at high temperatures to kill any remaining bacteria. Or, handwash and leave to air dry.

In short: InstaDry is ultra-absorbent drying cloth for a high-quality finish for your cars exterior.

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