ADBL Glass Cleaner 2 - 500ml

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ADBL Glass Cleaner 2 is the next evolution of the highly successful ADBL Glass Cleaner.

Glass Cleaner 2's very low alcohol content allows for a completely safe application on cleaned surfaces, does not leave trails and evaporates without leaving any deposits on the glass.

Safe for Piano Black trims and for screens.

Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L here

How to use ADBL Glass Cleaner 2

  • Prepare 2 microfibre cloths, preferably ADBL G.
  • Apply Glass Cleaner 2 onto the first microfibre cloth and wipe across the whole glass surface
  • Use the other side of the microfibre cloth and wipe off any excess
  • With the 2nd, dry, microfibre cloth, polish the glass surface by getting rid of any streaks or trails.