ADBL Hybrid Glass - Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner 500ml

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ADBL Hybrid Glass is a very efficient hydrophobic glass cleaner making it an excellent product for cleaning and protecting glass surfaces. Leaves hydrophobic effect, decreasing the adhesion of dirt to the cleaned surface.

ADBL Hybrid Glass leaves glass crystal clear and antistatic. For additional protection, after a few hours of the first application, it is possible to apply another layer of the product.

    Also available in a perfect glovebox sized 200ml bottle and 1L here

    How to use ADBL Hybrid Glass

      1. Spray a light coating onto the windshield and spread with a microfibre cloth.
    1. ADBL G is recommended.
    2. Use a second microfibre cloth and wipe until the windscreen is dry.
    3. Alternatively, the same microfibre cloth can be used but should be turned frequently.