ADBL QD1 - Quick Detailer 1L

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ADBL QD1 is a detailing spray with a high concentration of polymers and extra synthetic waxes.

Successfully removes dust, fingerprints and water spots and benefits from an intense fragrance, quick evaporation and leaves no streaks.

Ideal for use after each wash as it improves wax durability while providing non-detailed cars with high gloss finish and protection until the next wash.

Everything you need to quickly clean and wax your car for a lasting shine.

How to use ADBL QD1

  1. Spray the product onto a dry coat
  2. Wipe the surface dry with a microfiber cloth

Additional Guidelines

  • If too much product is applied, buff the surface with another, clean and dry microfibre cloth
  • Keep dry and cool
  • Keep out of the direct sun reach
  • Storage dry and between 5-25 °C