Aqua ceramic coating suede cloth.. best ceramic coating for wheels. brake dust protection. easy wheel cleaning. Aqua coatings Ireland. Aqua Ceramic Coating Cork Ireland.

AQUA Ceramic Coating Applicator Suede

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Aqua suede microfibre is a specialized microfibre cloth for the application of quartz and ceramic coatings.

Suede microfibre is a small cloth with great possibilities. The well-thought-out composition of the material makes the application of quartz and ceramic coatings with this product a pleasure.

A very handy size (10x10 cm), as well as optimal softness and smoothness, make the suede microfibre perfectly fit in the hand and will allow for comfortable, efficient and - most importantly - extremely precise activities related to the application of AQUA Coating preparations.

What's more, it will also work well for wiping infotainment screens, TV screens and monitors.