Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth - Red

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Perfect for buffing off polish and wax from bodywork, enhancing product performance for the ultimate finish.

High-quality products should be paired with high-quality accessories. They work in harmony together to create the perfect finish.

The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth has a specially selected microfibre weave that will enhance the performance of many Autoglym products.

The 40 x 40cm cloth is perfect for buffing surfaces to a shine. Fold into quarters to give eight clean faces to work with when buffing.

Pro Tip: The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth is perfect for buffing off polish and wax from bodywork, but should not be used to apply these products.

The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth can be used to apply and remove Car Glass Polish.

Care instructions:

The Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth should be machine or hand washed at low temperatures with a liquid detergent that does not contain fabric softener. Wash separately to avoid colour transfer.