Bad Boys Leather Care Set Pro

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Bad Boys Leather Care Set Pro is the perfect way to clean and protect your leather upholstery.

What is included in the Leather Care Set Pro

Leather Cleaner 150 ml (in foamer bottle) plus Leather Cleaner 500 ml (refill bottle)

An effective cleaning product. It removes soiling and stains from smooth leathers. Thanks to its strong formula, it is able to deal with neglected leathers and safely restore their original colour. Neutralises unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, human sweat, kitchen odours, etc. Leather fragranced product.

Used to impregnate and nourish leather surfaces. The product penetrates deeply into the leather giving it flexibility, resilience and leather fragrance. By using BadBoys Leather Conditioner, the leather becomes soft and smooth again and leaves it matt.
Leather Scent 30 ml
Nothing smells more pleasant than the smell of good quality, new leather. Give your interior the elusive scent of a new car. Just spray a small amount to enjoy a long-lasting, luxurious fragrance. The 30 ml bottle will last a long time thanks to its extraordinary intensity and efficiency. You can use the product in the car, at home or in the office.
A brush for cleaning leather upholstery, made of soft bristles. Perfect for all leather types.

Narrow soft brush
A brush with soft artificial bristles, perfect for cleaning all nooks and crannies, details and upholstery. Irreplaceable in cleaning seams in seat upholstery and for other applications where gentle cleaning is required. Length 120 mm, bristle height 25 mm.
Soft brush for cleaning details
The shape makes it much easier to reach hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Irreplaceable in cleaning seams in seat upholstery and for other applications where gentle cleaning is required.

An ultra-soft, white and undyed microfibre towel. An ideal choice for a delicate leather interior. Two sides offer different lengths of fibers - one is plusher for extra soft cleaning the other one is ideal for wiping out dirt.  

1x White cotton applicator
Avery delicate, white cotton applicator for applying dressings. It ensures the certainty of application without the risk of scratching the surface. Very absorbent, it facilitates the work with large amounts of dressing.
3x Bad Boys Stickers
1x Bad Boys Lanyard
1x Bad Boys Air Freshener