Bilt Hamber Cleanser-Polish 500ml Car Polish

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Bilt Hamber Cleanser-Polish is an award-winning resin-based car polish that provides exceptional levels of mechanical refinement and cleaning for your vehicles paintwork. Used after claying to provide an optically clear, deep rich shine.

Cleanser-Polish is an excellent all-in-one product for all paintworks.

The treated surfaces are now resistant to environmental attack and also they are super-smooth, glossy and friction-free.

Easy to use both in application and buffing - this product fills minor swirls, hologram-like scratches and minor defects.

Only cleanser-polish scored 15 out of 15 in a blind independent car polish test by Practical Classics.


  • All-in-one paint care polish
  • Imparts optically clear, deep, rich shine
  • Easy-to-use
  • Cleanser-Polish can be over coated with Double Speed-Wax and the finish maintained with Auto-QD.

What's in the box?

    How to use Bilt Hamber Cleanser-Polish

    1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle with a shampoo, like Bilt Hamber auto-wash, and decontaminate the paint using Bilt Hamber auto-clay if required. Do not use wash and wax products.
    2. Dry vehicle using a drying towel.
    3. Shake the bottle well.
    4. Cleanser-Polish should only be used on cool surfaces. Apply Cleanser-Polish by using the dampened soft foam applicator pad supplied. Cleanser-Polish can be applied with a machine polisher as well. In this case, a dual action machine is recommended.
    5. Use light to medium pressure in circular motions, apply to whole vehicle or panel by panel.
    6. Allow haze to form before buffing to a high shine with the microfibre buffing cloth supplied.

    Cleanser-Polish can be over coated with Double Speed-Wax.

    Using Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax will increase the depth of the shine, make metallic finishes look even better and dramatically increase the time before the paintwork next needs polishing or waxing.

    Cleanser-Polish specifications