Bilt Hamber Microfibre Cloth 60x40cm

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Bilt Hamber Microfibre Cloth is a very high quality microfibre, deep-pile, soft and durable cloth.
Using 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide with soft overlocked edges, is normally supplied with any purchase of cleanser-polish, auto-balm, finis-wax, double speed-wax, hydra-wax, micro-fine, auto-QD and cleanser-fluid.

It is perfect for buffing wax and polish and also excellent for many cleaning tasks. This cloth is highly absorbent and the microfibres will draw particulate matter into the cloth.

Quick guide

  • Size: 60x40cm
  • 375 gsm
  • Soft overlocked edges
  • Ultra-soft
  • Ultra-fine microfibre
  • Machines washable (We recommend using Bad Boys Microfibre Wash here)