Ma-Fra VOBO Ozone Air system

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The Ma Fra, Labocosmetica's parent company, VOBO System Air is a compressed Ozone air atomiser to decontaminate and eliminate biofilms from any surface as well as kill bacteria. VOBO System Air also eliminates unpleasant odours from environments.

VOBO stands for Virus Odor Bacteria Out

With Batsan 2.0, VOBO Ozone Fogger allows the quick and practical sanitisation of environments such as cars and workshops, in less than 5 minutes with our virucidal disinfectant products.


  • Tank volume: 250ml (bottle included)
  • Material: ABS with carbon fibre look
  • Operation: Air, connected to an air compressor
  • Atomizer flow: 100ml/3min
  • Atomised particle diameter: 0.25 μm (micron)
  • Pressure: 6-8 atmospheres


  • Net weight: 1kg
  • Dimension: 220x210x100mm