Labocosmetica Heavy Cut Polishing Pad. Sandwich pad for rotary machine. white Polishing Pad 170mm. Labocosmetica Cork Ireland

Labocosmetica White Pad XL (Sandwich) - Heavy Cut 170mm

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Labocosmetica White Pad is a heavy cut pad, specially developed for rotary polishing machines.

Provides high cutting power with maximum abrasion and finishing, This hard white pad is carved for greater ventilation and comes in an exclusive sandwich construction for greater stability and more homogeneous pressure.


  • To use with rotary polishing machine.
  • Suggested polish: Labocosmetica #Audace


  • Diameter 170mm
  • Height 30mm

Reduced Velcro to facilitate positioning of the pad and avoid velcro/backing pad/paint contact.

Care: Washable