Liquid Elements Mini Nano Polisher Kit

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The Mini Nano Polisher from Liquid Elements has been specially developed for the hard-to-reach areas on the vehicle. The 25mm support plate is perfect for polishing all paint surfaces, such as: door handles, emblems, wheels, trims and grilles.

Chrome parts and piano lacquer in the vehicle interior can also be processed precisely and easily.

The flexible drive shaft, with a length of 100cm, allows easy and precise handling of the Liquid Elements Mini Nano Polisher, so that polishing can be done from any angle.

The Mini Nano Polisher can be connected to any cordless screwdriver, boron machine, or even to a rotary polishing machine with the help of the supplied M14 thread adapter. The polishing power adapts to the corresponding connected device.

What's in the box

  • 1x Mini Nano Polisher with 100cm flexible drive shaft
  • 1x screw connection adapter for rotary machines with M14 thread
  • 1x 25mm support plate
  • 2x polishing pad 27mm coarse / green
  • 2x polishing pad 27mm medium / yellow
  • 2x polishing pad 27mm fine / blue
  • 2x polishing pad 27mm very fine / red
  • 2x polishing cone 37mm coarse / burgundy
  • 2x polishing cone 37mm medium / orange
  • 2x polishing cone 37mm fine / yellow
  • 1x mounting tool
  • Carry and storage case