Liquid Elements Quick Detailer

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Liquid Elements Quick Detailer is the optimal solution for a short refresher in between washes.

Spray - wipe and ready.

Leaves a beautiful shine and a well-beading surface. Ideal for use at events, trade fair and shows or for car dealerships in the sales room.

 Do not use on surfaces where smoothness is undesirable. Suitable for all surfaces in the vehicle exterior area. Also applicable to wrapped bodywork..

Main Features

  • Applicable on all paint surfaces
  • Cleans and seals the surface
  • Streak-free results
  • Leaves a glossy finish

How to use Liquid Elements Quick Detailer

  1. Shake the bottle properly
  2. Spray the area to be treated
  3. Wipe with clean microfibre cloth until no more residues can be seen.

Additional Guidelines

  • Do not use for coarse dirt
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces
  • Shake before use
  • Protect against frost
  • Do not let it dry

Safety Data Sheet