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Liquid Elements Wrap Cleaner 1000ml

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Liquid Elements WRAPPED car wrap cleaner is a very effective cleaner for any type of car wrap and quickly and gently removes all dirt from the car wrap.

Compatible with matte or glossy car wrap, as well as all known colors and types.

For the use of the car wrap cleaner, no water (Rinseless Wash) is required, but only a microfiber cleaning cloth. We recommend Liquid Elements Pepper Mint.

In case of stubborn dirt, leave it on for about 20 seconds or repeat the process.

The product has been developed and tested with several wrappers.

Main Features

  • Rinseless Wash
  • Suitable for matte and glossy car wrap
  • Fast, easy and effective
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Applicable everywhere
  • No lubricating residues

How to use Liquid Elements Wrap Cleaner

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spraying on the surface to be treated
  3. Distribute with a microfiber cloth such as the Liquid Elements Pepper Mint
  4. With a second microfiber cloth or a dry cloth side remove the residues

Additional Guidelines

  • Not suitable for coarse dirt (risk of scratches)
  • Protect against frost
  • pH value at 20°C = 7-8

Safety Data Sheet