NEOWAX №5 Primer 50ml

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The NEOWAX №5 Primer is a Nano-Graphene tuned primer coating suitable for all types of paints.

NEOWAX №5 was developed together with NEOWAX №2 but can be applied as a base coat, topped with NEOWAX №1 or NEOWAX №6 as well to extend longevity.

Benefits of using NEOWAX №5

  • Efficiently protects surfaces and leaves a strong hydrophobic protective film
  • High hydrophobicity durability better in our tests than professional coatings from competitors
  • Compatible as a base coat for NEOWAX №1 or NEOWAX №6
  • Developed together with NEOWAX №2 for ultimate durability with long-lasting instant beading

Whats in the Box?

  • NEOWAX №5 50ml
  • Microfibre buffing cloth (350 gsm)

How to use NEOWAX №5

  1. Thoroughly clean and degrease all surfaces with an IPA or Panel Wipe like Bad Boys Pre Wax Cleaner IPA.
  2. Work panel by panel, apply NEOWAX №5 primer thinly, distribute evenly and polish off.

Curing Times

  • After a curing time of at least 3 hours, it is stable against cleaning agents and water.
  • After approx. 1-2 days, there is stability against alcohol-based cleaning agents
  • After approx. 1 week of curing, there is stability against alkaline cleaning agents.
  • Full performance is fully achieved after the 1st wash
NEOWAX №5 Primer can be used to perfect adhesion conditions for waxes. We recommend using the primer before using wax for the first time. After priming once, the wax can be refilled without a primer. The primer is applied thinly in a cross coat and after the car has been primed, the wax is then applied and polished - component by component. The primer is included as a bonus in the NEOWAX Exclusive Pack available here