NEOWAX №6 Adaptive Fibre Coating (50ml)

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NEOWAX №6 coating is an adaptive fibre coating for your car paint and alloy wheels.
The unique high-tech formula with AFT creates a highly elastic, transparent coating that permanently protects your vehicle's paint.
It protects against the effects of bird droppings, water spots and brake dust if applied on wheels.
NEOWAX №6 is superior to regular ceramic coatings by withstanding wash chemistry in an unprecedented bandwidth (pH 2-13,7).

NEOWAX №6 in detail

NEOWAX stands for products developed by and for enthusiasts. This means that coatings are all about chemical resistance and long service life to ensure you have the performance to protect your vehicle with the unique wet look.

The idea came to us that we did not know a coating with high resistance that has a super wet look. And the demand for gloss and wet-look is very high, after all, we have the NEOWAX №1 in-house.

Performing many tests, optimisations and months of beta testing with 12+ international detailers, we are proud to have an innovative coating that sets a new benchmark in the market.

What else could it be that makes our coating distinctive and innovative?
  • Semi-permanent coating made in the UK tested in Germany in a set with suede towels, NEOWAX Coating Block and fluid
  • Unique adaptive fibre technology protects the paint against wash chemistry in unprecedented bandwidth (pH 2-13,7)
  • Long-lasting wet-look / showroom gloss
What does NEOWAX №6 deliver?
  • Protects against aggressive UV radiation and high temperatures especially when your car is parked outside
  • Ultra-fast (fresh about 10 ms) beading gives the paint instant beading and self-cleaning properties
  • Increases colour contrast and colour dynamics
  • 18-36 months durability when applied correctly

How to apply NEOWAX №6

  1. Thorough preparation is absolutely necessary and professional application is recommended. (please use residue-free pre-cleaner)

  2. Apply evenly with a clean microfiber cloth and polish residue-free. Pay attention to suitable lighting, professional lighting is advised!

  3. Drying and hardening times (depending on temperature - do not move the car after coating in winter for 24 hours if possible, do not wash your vehicle for 7 days so the coating can develop the true performance)