ScratchShield Grit Guard - Black (Wheels)

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The ScratchShield™ grit guard is the original, adjustable bucket filter system and can be used with the official ScratchShield buckets or a wide variety of buckets as long as the diameter of the bucket is 238mm or more 65mm from the base.

Helps reduce scratches during the washing process, by creating a protective barrier in the bottom of the bucket to prevent you from picking up dirt and debris as you wash your vehicle.

  • Can be adjusted to ensure a good and stable fit into your chosen bucket, reducing the chances of it tipping over.
  • Its swirl pattern and legs act as "baffle plates" to reduce the chance of creating a "vortex" and moving the trapped dirt and debris above the shield.
  • 100% designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK, ensuring quality.
  • Wash like the professionals, with the one, two or three bucket system.
  • Colour code to suit your buckets
    • Blue for Wash
    • Red for Rinse
    • Black for Wheels

Official ScratchShield™ Lid Seats are also available here

     How to use ScratchShield

    The Scratch Shield bucket filter is easy to assemble, instructions are included on each packet and on this website. Plus we have an instructional step by step video to assist with any additional needs.