SGCB Wall Mount Metal Tools Pegboard

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The SGCB Pegboard is a must have board for all that like a clean and tidy looking workspace.

Large Capacity and Weight Bearing

High Strength: 15kg weight bearing
Made of premium CRS, 4 backside holes enable you to install it on the wall directly and firmly! 

Extraordinary Quality

Adopted by the best material CRS (Cold Rolled Steel) that is far firmer, tougher and more powerful than conventional ones. The pegboard is also rust & corrosion resistant!

Scientific & Standard Design 

The square holes are spread across symmetrically, allowing the compatible hooks to be placed where necessary. The hooks come with an anti-static plastic coating.

Professional, Versatile and endless Variations possible

This is the perfect and necessary assistant to keep your workplace neat, professional and high class. Can be used in car detailing shops, factory, garage workplace, house decoration, exhibition hall, supermarket etc.


  • 1200 x 455 x 0.8mm
  • Installation: Wall Hanging
  • Material: Metal Stoving Varnish & CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)

What's in the Box?

  • 1x Pegboard
  • 1x Bar with fittings
  • 4x Screws and wall plugs
  • Hooks and arms available separately

Hooks and Arms

  • Pothook Small
    • W17*D55*H52mm
    • SGGF093
  • Pothook Medium
    • W17*D75*H52mm
    • SGGF094
  • Single Arm
    • W54*D105*H63mm
    • SGGF091
  • Double Arm
    • W65*D105*H63mm
    • SGGF092
  • Bottle / Cylinder Hook
    • W25*D55*H52mm
    • SGGF095