Stjarnagloss Core Four Kit - Shampoo, Polish, Sealant and Detailing Spray

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Four detailing stages, wash, polish, protect and maintain... and four products that have made the Stjärnagloss name - quite literally.


First, Bubblor, our gloss enhancing shampoo with sealant ingredients for extra protection between washes. 

Then Skära. A fine grade polish to cleanse and repair micro-damaged paint that contains further ingredients to increase shine and protection.

Topped off with Pärla, our highly durable spray sealant. Just apply wet or dry and buff thoroughly to achieve a consistent, reflective and long lasting finish.

Maintain with Silke detailing spray. Perfect for gently removing insect remains or bird mess or simply for enhancing the paintwork even further.

Contains Bubblor 500ml, Skära 500ml, Pärla 500ml, Silke 500ml. Individual combined cost €59.80. Kit price €55.00. Saving €4.80.