Stjarnagloss Viskelaer - Leather and Fabric Brush

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Stjarnagloss Viskelaer is a soft-bristled nylon fabric brush to increase cleaning performance on fabrics and leather.

Stjarnagloss's large Viskelaer upholstery and leather brush that boosts Inni’s effectiveness by scrubbing the material with soft nylon bristles (more durable and better cleaning performance than natural boar hair) whilst the cleaning spray is worked into the material more deeply.

Viskelaer is large 170x60x50mm size (far bigger than many upholstery brushes!).

How to use Stjarnagloss Viskelaer

Not to be used on delicate or sensitive finishes (just use a soft, colour-fast microfibre cloth instead) but essential for heavier contamination, stubborn stains and larger working areas on robust materials.