WashMe Dual Fusion XL Drying Towel

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The WashMe Dual Fusion XL drying towel is a new generation of drying towels that combine the advantages of Twisted Pile and plush Chenille fibres.

With a size of 50x80 cm and a weight of 1100 gsm, this towel absorbs more water than similar sized towels.

The recessed twisted piles increase the absorption and surface area of the towel, whilst the super-soft plush fibres float across the panel, lifting water into the towel safely.

A quick overview

  • Combination of twisted pile  and plush chenille fibres.
  • Soft edges
  • Enormous water absorption
  • Gentle on paint
  • Streak- and lint-free
  • High load capacity and long service life

Dimensions and material

  • Size: 50x80cm
  • Weight: 1100gsm
  • 80% polyester
  • 20% polyamide


  1. Place on wet surface
  2. Hold the towel at the edge and pull it over the bodywork


    • Washable at up to 40°C in a laundry machine (We recommend using ADBL Micro Wash here)
    • Hang to dry or use a tumble dryer in the low heat mode