Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray

Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray

Autoglym Ceramic Spray. Rapid Detailer with Ceramic Coating. Hydrophobic water beading. Autlglym Cork Ireland

Autoglym has finally released another car related product after 2020 has seen product announcements mostly related to sanitising and and bacteria/virus killing.

The new Rapid Ceramic Spray promises great gloss, deep shine and durable hydrophobic capabilities lasting up to 3 months.

Compared to other protection or sealing products, the Rapid Ceramic Spray is easy to apply after a wash and can be applied on top of existing finishing products such as Autoglym UHD Ceramic Coating, Autoglym UHD Wax and Super Resin PolishUltra Deep Shine, Extra Gloss Protection, Polar Seal and even Lifeshine Bodywork Gloss Shield.

While the name includes "Ceramic", it is not a replacement for ceramic coatings either applied by a professional detailer or Autoglym's own UHD Ceramic Coating that can be applied at home. However, Rapid Ceramic Spray will offer up to three months of protection and requires little prep work to apply. 

How is Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray applied?

  1. Wash the car thoroughly and remove any fallout with Magma or Clay Detailing Complete Kit.
  2. Shake well. Work on wet or dry painted surfaces in an area no larger than a shoulders width apart.                
  3. For dry cars: Spray sparingly directly onto paintwork or onto a clean microfibre cloth or applicator and spread. For wet cars: Spray sparingly directly onto paintwork and spread with an Autoglym InstaDry. Two to three sprays per panel is sufficient, no more than two on smaller panels.
  4. Take a clean Hi-Tech Microfibre Finishing Cloth and buff to a high gloss before moving to another area of paintwork. Use additional cloths as required.
  5. A second coat may be applied, allow 24 hours between applications.

How will I know when it is time to reapply?

When the car is cleaned and the surface holds water for more than one minute, this is a sign that Rapid Ceramic Spray should be reapplied. Best seen when water beading is almost not present anymore.

Autoglym Ceramic Spray and Aqua Wax bottle in one picture. Autoglym Cork Ireland

Is Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray the same as Autoglym Aqua Wax?

The short answer is no! Although, the application is very similar.

Rapid Ceramic Spray
Rapid Ceramic Spray is a quick and easy way to add protection to vehicle paintwork. It is a spray on-buff off product that can be used on wet or dry paintwork. Rapid Ceramic Spray provides a deep gloss finish and up to 3 months of protection. The coating provides very good detergent resistance due to the synthetic polymer technology used; this also increases the depth of colour observed on paintwork following use. The synthetic coating is highly hydrophobic, offering fantastic beading and water repellency. It has a tropical scent.

Rapid Aqua Wax
Rapid Aqua Wax is a quick and easy way to add protection to a whole vehicle. It can be applied to any hard exterior surface, including paintwork, glass, plastic and rubber. Rapid Aqua Wax should be applied to wet surfaces only, ideally after the vehicle has been washed and rinsed. Spray on, spread with a microfibre, and then buff to a gloss with a second microfibre. It is not suitable for use on dry surfaces. Rapid Aqua Wax is a carnauba wax emulsion and provides around 4 weeks of protection. It smells of bananas.

So both are a quick and easy to use, spray on and buff off products – but there are key differences. Rapid Aqua Wax is very versatile as it can be used on any wet, hard exterior surface. Rapid Ceramic Spray is for paintwork only, but it can be used wet or dry. Rapid Ceramic Spray wins when it comes to durability, with an impressive 3 month protection window achievable on well prepared paint, but Rapid Aqua Wax is a little easier to use.

Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray and Aqua Wax comparison table. Autoglym Cork Irelabd

Which one you choose is up to you, both are very good and you will not be disappointed by either. We hope this post has helped you choose, or you could carry out your own tests and get both!

Important notes

Rapid Ceramic Spray is not to be applied to glass. Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover can be used to remove any Rapid Ceramic Spray accidentally applied to glass or plastics trim.

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After watching a few videos of this product I must get a bottle and try it on my car I have a white pearlescent paint work and want to see what difference it makes

Derek Lunney

I applied Auto Glym ultra deep shine polish to my BRAND NEW ATECA then gave it a coat of Extea Gloss and left it 24 hours.
Then I applied Auto Glym Ceramic, Again left it 24 hours and gave it another Ceramic coat.
The idea was to protect the new paint from Seagulls and UVA rays from the start.
So far its been fabulous.
Rain just dries and leaves no marks and the car sparkles under the street lights.
I bought Upholstery Sponge and cut it into squares and sprayed the Ceramic Spray onto a 4×3 inch square and applied it to the car.
It made it so much easier to apply and after 5 mins buffed it with a microfiber Mit.
I jyst wash the mit and even the sponge in the washer and its good for next time.
Paid £8 for a mtr of upholstery sponge against £5 for so called proprietary applicator sponges.
Not sure if you can apply Deep shine polish over Ceramic when it starts to fade then Ceramic again but thats my plan.
I still like a coating of Wax polish and the Auto glym Deep shine for dark cars was so easy to apply as long as you dont do it when the car body is hot otherwise it drags a little but the result is Fab.
Ceramic is also easy to apply using a 4×3 sponge but only 3 sprays onto the sponge then apply, I found this will do half a panel so basically 6 sprays per panel to ensure coverage.
Then buff to a shine after 5 mins.
I’ve had to fit an anti static strip to my car as it seems to attract dust particles so om assuming the Ceramic creates a static charge.
Hopefully the Anti Static strip under the car will reduce the static build up.
I can also recommend the Auto Glym Interior shampoo for the day etc, doesnt leave and sticky residue as a lot of Spray Cans do.

Adrian Shrubb

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