Clean Car Glass with Autoglym's Fast Glass Cleaner and Car Glass Polish

Clean Car Glass with Autoglym's Fast Glass Cleaner and Car Glass Polish

The summer is slowly ending with the sun rising later and setting earlier every day.

I am sure you noticed sun glare happening more often now when driving into the sunset.

The reason is that the sun is now naturally lower in the sky than in the summer months. This means that when sunlight hits your windscreen, it will also reflect that lower angle (versus in the summer, when the sun is much higher in the sky)

Dirty windows scatter light, which makes it harder to see through the windshield when the sun hits it.

It is therefore even more important than ever to have clean windows to reduce sunshine glare.

Sun Glare Dirty Windscreen

This week we are going to look at Autoglym's Fast Glass Cleaner and Car Glass Polish for enthusiasts. Both products are available for professionals as well in 5-litre containers.

We start off with Fast Glass Cleaner

Autoglym Fast Glass Cleaner

Autoglym Fast Glass comes in a 500ml spray bottle and is perfectly suited for the inside or outside of your car.

It does excel on the inside as that side of the glass is, compared to the outside, relatively clean already.

Fast Glass will remove finger marks and other easy to remove contaminates. It will not cut through items such as bird dropping etc. but will be able to remove watermarks to some extend.

Since Fast Glass is fluid and comes in a handy spray bottle, it can be used with a micro-fibre towel such as Autoglym's Professional Microfibre Glass Cloth.

Top Tip: Fast Glass can also be used to remove polish, wax and sealants from unpainted rubber and plastic trim. We covered this in our Super Resin Polish review here.

Car Glass Polish

Autoglym Car Glass Polish

Autoglym Car Glass Polish comes in a 325ml bottle and contains cleaning powders that will provide an ultra-deep clean to grimy glass.

Car Glass Polish is definitely better suited to dirtier car glass and can be used after Fast Glass Cleaner to finish off its job on the outside and will also suit being used on the inside too.

It's a cream and we recommend to use either Autoglym's Perfect Polish Applicator, Autoglym's High Tech Polish Applicator Sponge or the Hi-Tech Finishing Microfibre Cloth to apply. It's safe to hand polish but also with a machine.

Once Car Glass Polish is covering the complete glass, allow the film to dry and buff with a clean microfibre cloth.


Fast Glass is a super quick "spray-on/wipe-off" product and can be used on all plastics, acrylics and glass as well as a general hard surface cleaner.

Car Glass Polish is a cream and contains cleaning powders to really deep clean grimy glass. Car Glass Polish should not be used on non-glass surfaces

Both products can be used together or independently - Fast Glass for the inside and Glass Polish for the outside.

What about the Autoglym Professional Series?

Both products covered above come in larger containers for our professionals as well.

Autoglym Professional Window Clean is available in a 5-litre plastic container and Autoglym Professional Glass Polish in a 5-litre tin container. Both products will require your own spray bottle.

The professional range also offers a 450ml Glass Spray aerosol spray providing a quick and easy application that saves time and effort.

Products covered in this blog article

Product Name Size Link
Autoglym Fast Glass Cleaner Fast Glass Cleaner 500ml Buy now
Autoglym Car Glass Polish Car Glass Polish 325ml Buy now
Autoglym Glass Spray Glass Spray 450ml Buy now
Professional Glass Polish Professional Glass Polish 5L Buy now
Professional Window Clean Professional Window Clean 5L Buy now
Microfibre Glass Cloth Microfibre Glass Cloth 40x40cm Buy now
Perfect Polish Applicator Perfect Polish Applicator 2 pack Buy now
High Tech Polish Applicator Sponge HighTech Polish Applicator 1 pack Buy now


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Hi Daniel, yes Fast Glass is totally safe for either side of the windows. Glass cleaners clean and degrease glass much better than a shampoo.


I would like to know if it is safe to use Autoglym glass cleaning products on the outside of my WINDSCREEN
It would be useful to know
Thank you.

Daniel Franklin

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