Ultra High Definition Wax - Ultimate mirror-like shine!

Ultra High Definition Wax - Ultimate mirror-like shine!

UHD Wax Unpacked

The summer is almost over and it's time that you think about protecting your car for the autumn and winter months to come.

No other product in the Autoglym range has such a high reputation as the Ultra High Definition (UHD) Wax.

UHD Wax History
Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax was released a couple of years ago and replaced HD Wax. HD Wax was one of the most beloved products in the Autoglym range and perhaps the most highly regarded wax in the UK and Ireland.

UHD Wax takes everything from HD Wax up a notch, making it even easier to apply, increasing the depth of shine and extending the durability even more.

UHD Wax is part of the wider Autoglym Ultra High Definition range that includes UHD Shampoo and UHD Ceramic Coating as well as the UHD Collection in a carry case, making it the perfect gift.

UHD Shampoo UHD Wax Kit  UHD Ceramic Coating UHD Collection
Autoglym UHD Shampoo Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax Autoglym Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating Autoglym Ultra High Definition Collection
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What is Ultra High Definition Wax?
Autoglym says: "Something cooked up by Autoglym's product development boffins over several months and now very much a protected company secret."

UHD Wax is a highly refined carnauba paste wax and contains a carefully balanced, yet complex, blend of polymers, carnauba and microcrystalline waxes.

This highly refined wax is more expensive than the normal T1 wax which has a yellow colour to it. (You will find these mostly at big retailers.)

Autoglym's UHD Wax is almost white in colour because of its specially created carnauba wax formulation.

Think KFC’s eleven herbs and spices, just without the grease and intense feelings of regret shortly afterwards! The said carnauba formulation isn’t merely an effective bodywork product, it’s also cost-effective. A single pot of UHD Wax can last for many years when used and stored correctly, with a single application good for as much as 6 months!

What's in the box?

UHD Wax Packaging

The UHD Wax applicator was specifically developed to the Ultra High Definition Wax.
It’s a solidly made applicator that feels well made and sturdy.
You will find the top foam is stiff to provide good grip while the bottom half a softer foam to apply to wax.

120gr of white, high-grade carnauba wax.

Finishing Cloth
1 High-Tech Finishing cloth for buffing off UHD Wax.

The Box
Let's speak about the box for a minute.
If you ever bought a new Apple product, you can skip to the next section as you know very well how it feels to open a well-packaged product.

For those of you who have not experienced this, let me tell you that the great experience with UHD Wax does not start when you apply it. It starts when you unbox it. The packaging is superb and a real WOW factor. There is this great feeling when you open the box and unwrap the pot from the plastic holder. Like you unpack an expensive Swiss watch.

But now, back to the UHD Wax.

Make sure your car is clean and free of contamination. I highly recommend treating the car first with Autoglym's Clay Bar Kit and/or Super Resin Polish.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish

UHD Wax is compatible with Super Resin Polish which is a gloss enhancer that can be applied by hand or machine. I have reviewed Autoglym's Super Resin Polish here.

UHD Wax can be used on top of Extra Gloss Protection, but the effect will be minimal as Extra Gloss Protection, as the name suggests, provides gloss and a sealant already. Applying UHD Wax will not be able to enhance the synthetic gloss and protection of Extra Gloss Protection much more.

Application and use of UHD Wax
The application is, as with almost all Autoglym products, very straightforward, easy to do and nothing to worry about. No special tool or skills are required.

Some things are hard to describe in written words and do not necessarily contribute to the car care process itself but when you open the pot you will understand what I mean.

As with the box description above, no packaging will help you clean or enhance the appearance of your car, but it makes the overall experience much better and nicer. This includes the non-overpowering scent of mild coconut when opening the pot of UHD Wax.
(Guessing scents is not my strong point so please let me know if you think UHD Wax smell different to you.)

The wax is very solid in the pot but has a very soft feel to and will melt as soon as your finger touches it.

UHD Wax Close Up

Mist a bit of water over the applicator with a spray (link spray bottle) to get the surface of the applicator damp. This helps you to avoid picking up too much product by making the applicator and the wax less compatible. This, in return, helps to make sure to not over-apply wax onto your car's surface. The other benefit is that the applicator will glide smoother over the surface.

Take the applicator, put it on top of the wax and give it a quarter of a twist to pick up some wax. Do not bury the applicator into the wax as you will only load it up, resulting in a too thick of a layer. There is absolutely no benefit of a thick layer as it's the thin layer on the bodywork which bonds with the surface and is left behind after buffing.

The thinner you can apply the wax, the easier it is to work over the panel and the less product you are essentially wasting by buffing off the excess in the end-stage.

The main goal is to use the product efficiently and not waste.

One of the advantages of UHD Wax is that it can be applied to the entire car and then be buffed off. There is no need to do it panel by panel as UHD Wax will need about 10-15 minutes to cure which is enough time to do the entire car.

UHD Wax applied

The wax will be ready to be buffed off when it has completely cured. The applied wax will have a whiter, light haze and dry feel to it. Simply touch or swipe your finger over the wax. If it feels dry or you can see gloss underneath, then it's ready to be buffed off.

Simply take the provided High-Tech Finishing cloth and buff off.

My top tip for the cloth is to fold it twice so you have 4 layers of cloth between your hand and the surface. This will make sure that you do not apply to much pressure and it's also easier to buff in general.

If you have over-applied wax you might get little white crumbs in your cloth when buffing off. This is similar to "dusting" and usually occurs if too much product is used. Although, it has to be said that all waxes will dust a bit when buffing off and UHD Wax is no different. But, when applied correctly, there is very little dust.

Once all is buffed off, stand back and enjoy incredible high gloss! Also, touch it and feel how slippery the car is now due to the coating.

Don’t be surprised if your car looks even better the next day as the wax will be able to settle down completely overnight.

UHD Wax Rear Panel Porsche

Watch out!
UHD Wax is not designed to be applied to plastic trim or rubber and I recommend trying to avoid touching such parts of your car.

You can use masking tape on difficult areas and should wax has come in contact with plastic or rubber, simply use Autoglym Fast Glass Cleaner to remove the white wax residue.

Autoglym has nailed it again!
UHD Wax is a high-performance wax that produces incredible high gloss and shine that offers up to 6 months durability by resisting ph-neutral detergents. UHD Wax also provides exceptional repellency and hydrophobic quality with great sheeting and beading capabilities over its lifespan.

UHD Wax provides exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants including salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout.  

It's incredibly easy to use and light to buff off. No smear or drag when buffing off and is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers.

You will find much more expensive products out there that are based on organic waxes and oil with the downside that such waxes will lose their durability after a few washes.

UHD Wax result Porsche

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