Best Drying Towel Ireland. Grey drying towel for car. Avoid waterspots. ADBL Drying Towel, Stjarnagloss Drying Towel, Autoglym drying towel. washme drying towel, Liquid Elements drying towel

What's the best drying towel for your car?

Best Drying Towel Ireland. Grey drying towel for car. Avoid waterspots. ADBL Drying Towel, Stjarnagloss Drying Towel, Autoglym drying towel. washme drying towel, Liquid Elements drying towel

There are several ways to dry a car after washing like a chamois, normal cloth or a blower. But, without doubt, it is essential that you dry your car after washing and rinsing. 

Sure, you could just let your car bake in the sun after washing it. But if you want to avoid water spots on your paint, glass and trim, we recommend to dry your car with a suitable drying towel.

I have written about Autoglym Aqua-Dry and InstaDry drying cloths already in a a different blog post that can be found here.

Today we am going to focus on the best and safest microfibre drying towels that will ensure your paintwork stays scratch free.

While most of the high quality drying towels look almost the same from a distance, upon closer inspection, a different fibre structure is visible. There are drying towels with twisted loop fibres and the thick, plush towels with a regular fibre structure. 

Whats the difference between twisted loop and a regular fibre drying towel?

Both drying towel will dry a car very well but the fibres bring differences in handling, weight as well as best possible usage.

I personally feel that drying towels with a twisted loop structure tend to be better for protected cars due to the fact that less water remains on the bodywork after rinsing. This protections can include ceramic coatings or a simple LSP's (Last Step Protection) such as quick detailer, SiO2 infused products like ceramic sprays, paste wax treated cars or products applied through the foam gun like Autoglym Polar Seal or Bilt Hamber Touch-On.

A perfect example for a twisted loop drying towel is Stjärnagloss Törstig. Törstig is extremely plush and absorbent, measures 70x70 cm, making it large enough to dry our SUV without an issue. It can soak up over 2 litres of water before it needs wringing out. On top of that, long pile keeps dirt away from delicate paint.

Stjarnagloss Thörstig is a thirsty 70x70cm twisted loop microfibre towel for effortless drying.

Picture: Stjärnagloss Törstig twisted loop drying towel

The next level of drying towels is the WashMe XXL drying towel measuring a whopping 120x80cm with 1300gsm - The best drying towel on the marked at the moment.

Plush drying towels with regular fibre structures work well on protected cars as well but work even better on unprotected cars. The main reason for that is that these drying towels absorb more water that is usually left on cars without any protection.

Generally, the regular drying towels are also a bit easier to handle in tight and finicky spaces like grilles, around mirrors and the endless design elements on newer cars.

The SGCB Drying Towel is one of those, boasting a total of 700gsm making it one of the best of this type on the market.

SGCB Drying Towel. Double Twist soft microfibre drying towel. SGCB Ireland

How to take care of your microfibre towels

Before we close off I would like to briefly touch on the use of drying towels with drying aids, quick detailers and other LSP products that are being used with drying towel. The use of a drying towel with these products will obviously also mean that the drying towels will soak them up as well and will lose their absorbency over time.

Washing your drying towel is not that difficult but one key item to remember is to never use conditioner as they will clog up the fibres. To be on the safe side, we have a laundry detergent that is specifically developed to safely wash any microfibre cloths and towels. These detergents will not only break down wax and polish residue but  will also help to restore softness and absorbency. Liquid Elements Towel Reset comes in handy 100ml and 1L bottles.

Liquid Elements Towel Reset. Best to wash microfibre cloths and towels. laundry liquid for microfibre cloths. Liquid Elements Ireland
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