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BenBow tornardor detailing air gun. Best air gun for car washes. BenBow Ireland

BENBOW - where passion meets professionalism.

Not just a brand, it is a guarantee of reliability and durability. We create tools that are not only functional, but also aesthetically designed, caring about every detail. Because we know that not only the results of work, but also the process itself matters.

A company with a long and rich history, specialising in the production of pneumatic tools. But what sets us apart is our unceasing passion and commitment. Our team is comprised of enthusiasts for whom equipment, tools, and accessories are not just a field of work, but also a passion to which we devote our whole hearts.

Our specialty is the design and production of devices for paint shops, garages, car washes, and detailing studios. Over the years, we have gathered valuable experience that allows us to deliver top-quality products that meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.