Collection: Grit Guard

An Idea from the USA, Made in the USA

Back in 2002 our founder Doug Lamb came up with a pretty clever invention for washing his favorite red car, he called it the Grit Guard Insert.

Do you remember what washing your car was like back then? With NO fancy foam cannons, NO slick spotless rinses, NO fancy microfiber towels, and NO GRIT GUARDS!! Did everyone just go around scratching their finishes? Yeah, pretty much, that’s what drove Doug to create numerous prototypes of a settling filter that would let the dirt come out of the wash mitt, go to the bottom of the bucket, and then keep it from picking the dirt back up.

Seems so simple now, with the two bucket wash method becoming a standard, and car care science evolving our use of chemical washes and coatings. As this industry has grown so have we; launching several more products to help our detailers get the most from their wash systems.

Grit Guard continues to work on improving the current car detailing process, with the continued question...Is there a better way?