Collection: Work Stuff

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Work Stuff is a fairly new name in the detailing industry and famous for its detailing brushes.
The brushes range from ultra soft to stiff and are made of high quality products. Interior, exterior and wheel brushes are well known with enthusiasts and professionals.
Work Stuff brushes are probably the best brushes on the market due to their quality, feel and overall apperance.
The team at Work Stuff is very enthusiastic about their products and make sure that each product released is tested throughout before releasing them to the market.
Work Stuff stands for:
  • Quality - best quality products
  • Appearance – Distinctive color scheme and logo which appears on most of their products
  • Suppliers – Work Stuff Company cooperates with highly selectioned
    suppliers from all over the world.
  • Global Brand – Work Stuff products are available in over the 50
    countries in the world.
  • Customer Service – Work Stuff Company provides the finest quality
    customer service. We are always available for you.
  • Unique Solutions – We deliver solutions, which are unique and
    innovative in car detailng world.
  • Quality Control – Our products are packed by us, so each get an
    additional quality control.
  • Passion – Car detailng it is our hobby and passion.
  • TESTS – All our products are qualified by numerous tests before are
    ready to sell.