6 in 1 Adjustable Water Spray Nozzle for Stubby Gun

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The 6 in 1 Water Spray Nozzle attaches to the Stubby Nose Gun with a 1/4" quick connection design and give six different spray modes with changing the nozzles. 

Following 6 spray patterns are available:

  • 0° degree
  • 0° degree - Rinse
  • 15° degree
  • 25° degree 
  • 40° degree
  • Soap

If you often replace the nozzles for cleaning, it will save you time and improve your work efficiency. The tip of the pressure washer has a standard 1/4" quick connector. You can connect it to guns and wands for faster application. The nozzle of the high-pressure washer is suitable for most well-known brands of high-pressure washer. The working pressure is up to 4000 PSI.

This attachment means there’s no more messing about switching between nozzles. All you have to do is dial in the right spray pattern for the required job, whether it be spot cleaning, rinsing or snow foaming.

Note: Before starting the high pressure washer, please rotate the nozzle to the correct notch, otherwise the high pressure water will damage the sealing ring.