Autoglym De-Icer 500ml

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Autoglym De-Icer is a super-concentrated, water-free formulated defroster that quickly clears frost, ice or snow without re-freezing.

De-Icer is harmless in contact with vehicle paintwork, rubber, plastics and glass but is still effective all the way down to -50°C!

It can be used on windows, mirrors, headlamps and door locks, leaving you to set off on your journey.

Have you checked your windscreen washer fluid? Autoglym Screen wash can withstand temperatures up to -45˚C and is available in 500ml, 5L and 25L here

  1. Remove heavy deposits of snow and apply generously.
  2. Let ice thaw before removing with a squeegee blade or windscreen wipers. Spray directly into door locks to release frozen mechanisms.

Safety Data Sheet