Autoglym Hyperfresh Golden Sunset

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Powerful air-freshener with a long-lasting cologne scent.


  • Quick to use with one spray application
  • Long-lasting exotic fragrance
  • Aerosol application 450ml


  • Ease of use speeds up valeting process improving profitability
  • Tailor the customer experience with a range of Hyper Fresh fragrances
  • The perfect finishing touch to enhance your customers' experience

Autoglym's Hyper Fresh air-fresheners are also available as Pampero Passion, Crushed Berries and Tropical Mist.

How to use Autoglym Hyper Fresh

  1. Shake well
  2. Apply a short spray (maximum 2 seconds) directed into the centre area of the vehicle.
  3. Allow 30 seconds for the fragrance to disperse before entering the treated vehicle.
  4. Remove overspray from non-absorbent surfaces with a damp cloth.

Safety Data Sheet