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Rapidly and effortlessly restores that perfect 'just washed' finish.

QuikRefresh is designed for use between regular maintenance washing to remove light traffic film, dust and rainfall contamination, refreshing that just washed look in as little as 15 minutes.  Dirt is effortlessly and safely removed using microemulsion technology, which suspends dirt away from the vehicle minimising any risk of scratches and swirls.  

Note: QuikRefresh has been designed for use with the Autoglym Instadry, for best results an Autoglym Instadry should be used to apply the product, alternative cloths will not give optimum results.

What is QuikRefresh?

  • QuikRefresh is specially designed product for use in between regular maintenance washes to remove dust, water marks and light traffic film dirt, reviving the just-washed finish.

How does QuikRefresh work?

  • QuikRefresh works by breaking down and removing the first layer of traffic film, dust and water marks that occur in between washes and allows them to be wiped away with no rinsing necessary.

When would I use QuikRefresh?

  • QuikRefresh should be used in-between regular maintenance washes to restore the just-washed finish by removing water marks, dust and light traffic film dirt.

Is there a risk of scratches or swirl marks if my car if is dusty?

  • QuikRefresh is developed using microemulsion technology which safely encapsulated any dust to reduce the risk of scratches and swirls. It is important to regular rinse the InstaDry regularly and ensure plenty of solution is used.

How often can I use QuikRefresh?

  • QuikRefresh is not a replacement for washing your vehicle and is recommended for use within 2 or 3 days after washing with detergent.

How to use Autoglym QuikRefresh?

  • Shake well. Pour 5 capfuls into a bucket with a grit guard and add 10 litres of warm or cold water.
  • Using an Instadry cloth apply the wash solution working from the top down, trying to get as much solution on the vehicle as possible.
  • Return the Instadry to the bucket regularly to remove dirtrinse and load fresh solution onto the cloth. Once the vehicle has been washed, wring out the Instadry to remove excess water.
  • Use the Instadry to dry the vehicle.

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