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Labocosmetica Idrosave Polymer Rinseless Wash

Labocosmetica Idrosave Polymer Rinseless Wash

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Labocosmetica Idrosave is the latest polymer rinseless wash on the market. With a new and innovative formulation that offers a complete solution for washing and protecting vehicles in a single step without the need for additional rinsing.
Idrosave can also be used as a rinse aid and works just as good as a Waterless wash too!

Its composition includes a blend of polymers and surfactants enriched with reactive nano-sealants, working together to remove and encapsulate dirt while simultaneously protecting the vehicle's surface. This means you can achieve excellent results with minimal effort, ensuring an effective yet gentle clean on treated surfaces. This process makes washing safe, as it acts efficiently without compromising the surface integrity of the vehicle and also contributes to significant water savings.

  • Triple Action: Washes, polishes and protects in a single no-rinse operation.
  • Advanced Formula: Zero foam with neutral pH. The polymers encapsulate dirt on the surface, facilitating its release into the bucket, while the Reactive Nano-Sealants provide superior protection.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and High Dilution: A super-concentrated formula that maintains high lubrication even at high dilutions (up to 1:250).
  • Water and Time Savings: This eco-friendly product significantly reduces water consumption and the time needed for rinsing the car
  • Self-Cleaning Nano-Sealant Protection: creates a protective barrier on the surface that limits the adherence of dust and dirt after its use.
  • Color Enhancement: Provides a brilliant and silky finish to all car surfaces, including plastic components.
  • Versatile and Effective: Ideal for cleaning every surface on cars, motorcycles, and airplanes.

How to use Labocosmetica Idrosave

  1. Prepare in a bucket equipped with a grid (Grit Guard)
  2. Dilute the product in water in a ratio of 1:250, 20ml of product or 5 liters of water, directly in the bucket.
  3. Require a manual nebulizer or a spray dispenser with the solution prepared.
  4. Spray the solution on a part of the car to be treated to soften the dirt. For vehicles that require a prewash, use Preludio ALkaline fororganics such as moss or general traffic film and Preludio Acid for inorganics such as mineral deposits 
  5. Leave for a maximum of 2 minutes and do not leave the product to dry on the panel.
  6. Immerse a soft microfiber glove or a suitable sponge in the bucket.
  7. Pass the glove or the spray on the car delicately, it should be lightly pressed.
  8. Dry with a soft microfibre cloth.
  9. Treat one panel at a time.

Idrosave as waterless or drying aid:

This product can be used with waterless technology or supports heating.

Dilute the product in a ratio of 1:100 (10ml of product per liter of water) for this purpose.

The resulting solution is versatile, adapting to variations and varying surface areas.

For waterless application:

  1. Spray the solution on the panel of the panel.
  2. Use a soft microfiber panel and pass it over the surface.
  3. If necessary, refinish with a second pan no first pass through the panel in succession.
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