Bilt Hamber Surfex HD 5L All Purpose Cleaner (APC) & Degreaser

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Bilt Hamber Surfex HD, award-winning best all-purpose cleaner and degreaser (APC). Comes with a trigger spray for ease of application 

With increasing restrictions on the use of solvent-containing degreasers and cleaners safer, water-based materials have been developed.

However, it has been difficult to match the performance of the solvent-containing systems and increasing environmental restrictions on the ranges of acceptable water-based actives have further tested the formulators’ ability.

Also available in 1L here

Why Bilt Hamber Surfex HD?

  • Recommended for all arduous automotive, commercial and domestic cleaning duties.
  • Can be used on exterior and interior surfaces, paint, alloy wheels, tyres, fabric, carpets and most surfaces.
  • Can be sprayed, brushed or applied using pressure washer equipment.
  • Provides performance levels that match and even exceed solvent systems while meeting the latest standards of biodegradability.
  • Can be adjusted in strength to suit the level of soil, remaining active at levels of just 1 part to 200 in water for light work, or used neat for extreme-duty work.
  • Attacks all oil and grease-based soiling, but unlike solvent-based cleaners will additionally and effortlessly clean organic, or water deposited grime. 

Quick guide

  • Powerful water-based APC (All Purpose cleaner)
  • Biodegradable formulation
  • Economical use from just 0.5% to neat
  • Safe for virtually all automotive and domestic surfaces
  • Can be sprayed, brushed or applied using pressure washer equipment
  • Supplied with a trigger spray for ease of application 

How to use Bilt Hamber Surfex HD

  1. Always spot test before use
  2. Surfex HD is used on cool surfaces diluted from 1 part in 100 for light cleaning or use neat for maximum grease and oil removal
  3. Saturate greasy surfaces leave for a few moments
  4. Agitate heavy soil with a stiff-bristled brush
  5. Rinse the surface with clean water

Surfex HD specifications