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The EZ Detail brushes are some of the best-selling detailing brushes out there, and EZ Detail have just launched their best brush yet – the GO EZ brush!
The GO EZ Detail brush is more rigid than the original EZ Detail brush, making it perfect for cleaning the outside of wheels, tyres, bumpers and other hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle.
Clean door jams, wheel wells and reach into corners easier than ever. It’s 40 cm long with a plastic handle and a 10 cm dome-shaped head full of nylon and nylex memory bristles.

The EZ Go Brush still uses the same soft Nylon Nylex bristles, which will not scratch any coated, painted, polished, plated, or blank metal surface. Each bristle has a unique, multi-edge structure that provides excellent cleaning power, and the bristles bounce back to their original shape after each use.

The synthetic bristles are chemical resistant, so you can use any wheel cleaner. The brush has an ergonomic plastic handle that keeps you comfortable while you clean and it also ensures wheels are protected against scratches when cleaning. 


  • Soft non-scratch bristles
  • More rigid than original EZ brush 
  • Use with any wheel cleaner
  • Perfect for cleaning outside of wheels, tyres and bumpers
  • Brush Size: 400mm x 100mm