Labocosmetica 3pH Maintenance Kit - Full

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The #3pH® system from #Labocosmetica is made to help detailers and enthusiasts in one of the fundamental stages of car care, for both protected and unprotected vehicles.

In the washing phase, every meticulous cleaning action is essential.
However, to remove dirt and contaminants from the bodywork, a product with a specific pH is often required.

The maintenance wash is one of the fundamental stages for the maintenance of a protection such as wax, sealant or nano ceramic.
The #3pH® system from #Labocosmetica actually revitalises protection thanks to the action of all specific pH.

This is the full kit and includes:

  • #PRIMUS Snow Foam 1000ml
  • #PURIFICA Rejuvenating Shampoo 1000ml
  • #SEMPER pH-neutral Shampoo 500ml
  • #REVITAX Wash & Coat Shampoo 500ml

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