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Labocosmetica Primus 2.0 Pre-Wash Snow Foam 1000ml

Labocosmetica Primus 2.0 Pre-Wash Snow Foam 1000ml

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The new Prìmus 2.0 by Labocosmetica is the evolution of the already revolutionary PRÌMUS, the first prewash to obtain VDA certification in the car detailing sector.

Primus is not only a highly effective snow foam for pre-washing your car, it can also act as a citrus-spray like product through a sprayer to give the foam more bite, especially around the lower third of the car and works a treat against insects and overall road grime. On top of that, Primus 2.0 is also a great wheel and tyre cleaner and can now be used as a shampoo in a bucket. It does not get better than that!

Primus 2.0 has the distinctive features from the previous version and introduces the following:

  • Improved cleaning power
  • Greater dilution capacity
  • More adherent foam: allows longer exposure time
  • Highly lubricated formula: This can now be used as an alkaline hand shampoo to remove residual oils from polish and traffic film
  • Extended drying times when used in spray mode, for greater safety in application.

Labocosmetica Prìmus 2.0 is a very versatile products. Not only is it a powerful yet safe pre-wash snow foam, it can also be used as a wheel cleaner or pre-spray for heavier dirt or help with insect removal.

Prìmus 2.0 is also the first step for ceramic coating maintenance to ensure the longevity of coatings and will, in conjunction with Purifica, decontaminate your paintwork without affecting or damaging your coating. On top of that, Prìmus 2.0 is easy to rinse unlike other products in this category, saving not only water but time as well.

The new 2.0 version of Prìmus brings the following new capabilities:

  • Use Prìmus in a bucket, diluted 1:100 to easily remove traffic film and post-polish residue and thus becoming a real alkaline shampoo.
  • Denser foam and improved dwell time and curtain effect making  Prìmus 2.0 cling longer to the bodywork

Prìmus 2.0 is the first pre-wash in the detailing world to obtain VDA certification, an independent German body that certifies the compatibility of chemical products on the most delicate materials on cars and motorcycles.

Prìmus 2.0 is in fact an alkaline detergent free of caustic salts and maintains its excellent qualities in complete safety on any paint and material, even the most delicate present on sports cars and motorcycles. Easily eliminates insects, resins, road dirt even the most anchored, without mechanical action.

Moreover, thanks to its low evaporation characteristics, it can also be applied with normal spray dispensers, preventing annoying product residues dried in the drying phase.

Prìmus 2.0, thanks to its particular formula can be used without contraindications on surfaces treated with waxes, sealants or coatings. Prìmus 2.0 is the result of the research and development of Mafra laboratories and has been thoroughly tested in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.

How to use Labocosmetica #Prìmus 2.0

With Hand Sprayer

  • Alloy wheels and tyres, dilution 1:3 to 1:10
  • Lower sides of the vehicle, rails and bumpers or to remove insect dilution 1:20
  • Very dirty vehicles 1:50 and dispense the product from the bottom upwards
  • Medium-dirty vehicles 1:80 and dispense the product from the bottom upwards
  • Frequent washing dilution 1:100

With Foam Gun or Foam Lance

The final dilution varies according to the high-pressure water cleaner used and we generally recommend diluting #Prìmus 2.0 as followed:

  • Winter 1:5
  • Summer 1:10
  • Weekly maintenance washes 1:10

After application wait a few minutes and rinse with high pressure.

Labocosmetica #Prìmus 2.0 Safety Data Sheet

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