Labocosmetica #Derma Sealant Leather Protective Sealant 250ml

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#DÈRMA SEALANT is a leather sealant with biological Coating Technology that protects leather by creating a chemical-physical barrier while maintaining its natural softness and breathability, natural finish and its original appearance.

Its innovative water-based formula contains highly sophisticated reactive polymers that adhere to the surface, creating an invisible anti-rub coating.

Thanks to its special properties, it drastically reduces wear and the biological deterioration of the treated surfaces, preventing premature ageing and thus extending its durability.

#DÈRMA SEALANT also ensures excellent protection against wear and colour transfer for at least 15,000 km due to its two innovative and exclusive technologies:

  • AQL- Active Quaternary Layer technology; Creates a physical barrier against mould and bacterial spores
  • SFC - Self Fast Curing technology; closes the layer in just a few hours.

In addition, thanks to its powerful hydrophobic action (with a contact angle of 120°), the treated surface will be more stain-resistant and will be protected from colour transfer due to the use of fabrics such as denim.

#DÈRMA SEALANT leaves a pleasant scent of new leather on the surface. Numerous laboratory tests have shown that #DÈRMA SEALANT is suitable for all types of leather, leaving a smooth finish that makes it look as good as new.

Also available in 100ml here

How to use Labocosmetica #DÈRMA SEALANT

  1. Clean the leather with #DÈRMA CLEANER
  2. Once the surface to be treated has been cleaned and dried, shake the bottle well and apply #DÈRMA SEALANT to a soft microfiber pad and gently massage the leather in light circular motions.
  3. For greater protection, repeat this step after an hour
  4. If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 3

During application, do not rub vigorously. Let it dry at room temperature. Maximum protection is achieved after about 24 hours, but its sealant action starts to take effect after 20 minutes. Protection lasts a minimum of 4 months.