Labocosmetica Detailing Brush 16 (24mm) Red

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The red detailing brushes from MaFra, the parent company of Labocosmetica, are robust, flexible, durable and ergonomic. A high wear and chemical resistant detailing brush, ideal for use on exterior parts of vehicles such as bodywork and wheels.s.

Thanks to the composition of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin filaments, also used in the field of fine arts, one of the most innovative and performing materials on the market.

Available in 3 sizes and with softer Krex® filaments here

Main features:

  • Greater load capacity avoiding dripping but allowing a more gradually release of product under pressure while keeping surfaces well lubricated.
  • Perfect for emblems, grilles, wheels, plastics, engine compartment, leather and Alcantara® steering wheels, seat stitching and leather inserts.
  • High memory with excellent spring-back
  • Greater resistant to deformation and better access in narrow areas
  • Greater control and safety thanks to the conical and rounded geometric shape
  • High wear and abrasion resistance. (8 times higher than cheaper models on the market)
  • Great stiffness allowing to work more energetically even on delicate surfaces
  • Resistant to the even most aggressive chemicals including acid.

The filaments that make up the red detailing brush consist of a three-lobed circular section, derive from a mixture of two materials, PET and PBT, which are thinned at the top thanks to a chemical and non-mechanical process.

The PET base is thus more rigid while the PBT top is extremely flexible and soft, thus allowing greater precision and comfort during its use.

Thanks to the different stiffness of the two materials, the filament that makes up the brush is more suitable for stubborn and particularly anchored dirt.

Each brush comes with a rubber handle for excellent comfort of use.

How to use the MaFra Detailing Brush

  • Spray the product between the bristles of the brush: this will allow to maintain a correct lubrication while in use and also spray product on the area to be treated
  • Make circular movements with the brush until a light foam is obtained and the surface/area is completely clean.
  • Rinse the treated area or wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and finish the surface.