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Labocosmetica Eskimo White Fine Wool Pad - 150mm

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The Labocosmetica Eskimo Fine Wool Pad is compatible with both random orbital and gear-driven polishers.

The face of the wool pads is constructed of 100% natural fibres attached to a polyester backing material.

Eskimo White wool pad has been designed to enhance the cutting capacity of your compound to obtain medium to maximum correction on hard, ceramic, fast-drying or highly compromised paints, leaving a good finish.

The surface of Eskimo White is made of soft natural wool, very dense and fine fibres, tied in an innovative way in a helical shape to the foam pad, a feature that gives it the following advantages:

  • Greater cutting capacity and speed while maintaining uniform performance over the entire surface of the pad
  • Greater heat dissipation on the surface
  • Easier to clean as the fibres do not tangle

Eskimo White pad safety, thanks to the edges completely covered with wool, allows the operator to have greater safety of use, especially when in the presence of irregular or shaped surfaces.