Labocosmetica #Glico Interior and Fabric Cleaner 500ml

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Labocosmetica #Glico is a next generation, natural Glycolic Acid Based Fabric Cleaner.


  • Patented Formula
  • Luminol effect: highlights stains, which allows the detailer to proceed with the correct pre-treatment
  • Gives the fabric renewed brightness and softness (Fluffy Effect)
  • Incredible Convertible roof cleaner
  • No need to pre-treat stains
  • Work times cut in half thanks to the 2pH® cycle with #Ductile
  • Complementary: it removes stains that an APC cannot
  • Because the fabric dries quickly, it is ideal for maintenance cleaning
  • Unbeatable for removing stains on seats that have been rained on or streaks caused by wet clothing (such as wet swimwear)
  • Eliminates salt residues from the rubber or fabric floor mats in your car
  • Eliminates surfactants and stains resulting from washing upholstery with alkaline detergents
  • Safe on plastic, rubber, metal, Alcantara, headliner and any other interior material.

#GLICO is an innovative product thanks to its glycolic acid formula, the same used for cosmetics. It is the first in its class to be patented - ideal for removing inorganic residues, minerals, dust and dirt stains from seats and floor mats.

#GLICO is gentle on treated surfaces. It does not leave residue. It restores brightness and softness (Fluffy Effect), leaving a perfect finish. The product stands out for its “Luminol Effect”. During use, #GLICO acts as a highlighter, identifying stains that are not visible to the naked eye, making them easier to remove.

Thanks to its acidic pH, #GLICO can be used as a rinsing aid for injection-extraction cleaners (wet vacs) to eliminate surfactants and stains from upholstery that was washed with alkaline detergents.

How to use #Glico

“Stand Alone” use and cleaning:

  • Dilute #GLICO 1:5
  • Spray and brush the entire surface to be treated
  • Leave to work for 2-3 minutes
  • Wipe with a clean microfibre cloth before vacuuming the treated surface.

“Combo” use for the cleaning of particularly dirty upholstery:

  • dilute #GLICO 1:5
  • spray and brush the entire surface to be treated
  • leave to work for 2-3 minutes
  • Without rinsing, spray #Ductile in a 1:10 dilution and brush the surface
  • Vacuum where saponification occurs on the treated surface and complete the process by rinsing with a traditional injection-extraction, a steam cleaner or a damp cloth.

To deep clean brushes and making the bristles soft again, leave them to soak in #GLICO in a 1:5 dilution for about one hour.

In case of overspray, the product is safe on any material (Alcantara®, plastic, leather, metal, carbon and Kevlar).

It can also be used during traditional cleaning as the final rinsing step, as a 1:50 dilution, to remove the alkaline surfactants used previously.

Glico Safety Data Sheet