Labocosmetica Hybrid Heavy Fiber Pad - Heavy Cut 145mm

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The new #Labocosmetica Hybrid Pad is extremely versatile and can be used with medium compound or polish on rotary or DA polishers.

Thanks to its innovative composition, a blend of 70% microfiber and 30% wool, it ensures fast and excellent results if used with compounds such as #Audace whose cold cut technology allows you to work at a low temperature and obtain a true finish, blending the treated surface directly into the finish.  

One of the most important aspects of this microfiber pad is its excellent results, even with just a small amount of product: just 3-4 drops of the compound are enough to achieve a precise, streak-free cut extremely quickly. 

Comfort and stability while working are guaranteed by the 6mm open cell sponge support that allows you to work comfortably and with extreme versatility over large areas whether they are flat and even, or curved or contoured. 

Compatible with Labocosmetica #Audace and #Leale.