Labocosmetica #Semper pH Neutral Shampoo 100ml

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#SÈMPER is a neutral, super-concentrated maintenance shampoo with high lubricating action. Featuring excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant scent.

#SÈMPER is completely safe on previously applied wax, ceramic or nano-coatings and sealing treatments: it may be used without removing the underlying wax layers, even the most delicate, such as the carnauba-based ones and is “Easy To Rinse” with a spray nozzle. Its special features assure it may be used with excellent results, also with a foam gun.

#SÈMPER, without any waxes or brightness enhancers, does not cause stripes and may be used on windows as well. Its lather has been developed to dissolve the dirt on the car’s surface, encapsulate it and keep it in suspension, removing it safely yet gently. Its high foaming properties, jointly with remarkable lubrication, create a “foam pillow” that allows #SÈMPER to wash the car with no risk of the dirt damaging the body.

Also available in 500ml and 4500ml here or as part of Labocosmetica's 3pH maintenance kit here

How to use Labocosmetic #SÈMPER

#SÈMPER is extremely high performing even at high dilutions (up to 1:1500) and may be used with medium-hard water. 

Safety Data Sheet 1

Safety Data Sheet 2